7 day route

Day 1: Arrival in Holy Land Israel

Arrival at Bien Gurion International Airport. Reception by our Earth staff in immigration. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 2: Tel Aviv / Galilee

After Breakfast city tour through Tel Aviv Yafo, continue to the port of Yafo, walk through the streets of the artists, the Church of San Pedro, the port of Yafo, the site of the house of Simon the tanner of fur.

We drive along the coastal road towards Cesarean Maritima, the ancient Cesárea was the capital of Judea, visit the Roman Theater, ruins of Herod’s palace, site of the San Pablo Prison, the port, aqueduto and a film to understand the importance of Cesárea Maritime

Next we continue towards Haifa. The third largest city in Israel and one of the most beautiful, the Bahai Gardens World Center of the Bahai Faith.

The Bahai is the sect that separated from Shi’ite Bab Islam from Iran in 1844. The Bahai World Center is a large and well-designed complex on the Carmel hillside, famous for its magnificent gardens. Includes the exquisitely landscaped gardens Hanging. In the center is the impressive Sanctuary of the golden dome of the Bab, the place of burial of the Bab, the founder of the faith. We continue to Nazareth, not only city of religion and faith, of spirituality and holiness, but also also a city with a rich history, modern culture and the charm of the Middle East. Nazareth, which began as a small Jewish town about 2,000 years ago, became a bastion of Christianity in the Byzantine era, a few hundred years later. During that period the name of Nazareth spread everywhere, and the yearning to see the place where the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ lived made the city a place of popular pilgrimage, visiting the Church of the Annunciation and the Church from San jose.

After Nazareth we continue our journey through Kana to Tiberias, Sea of Galilee. Sleeping in Tiberias.

Day 3: Galilee

We started the day with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee today a large lake where Jesus Christ walked and made several of his miracles We are going along Lake Kineret to visit The Mount of Beatitudes we continue to Capernaum Jesus Christ chose to live. Tabgha, site of the miracle of the multiplication of fish and bread, Visit to Magdala city of Maria Madalena where we will see what is left of an original synagogue of the time of Jesus Christ we finished the day in Yardenit site of Baptism.

Day 4: Dead Sea

We will leave for Jerusalem. We will go through one of the Decapolis Beit Shean a very well preserved city of the Roman Empire. We follow through the Jordan Valley to Jericho one of the oldest city we have knowledge. The tour is subject to the regulations of the Palestinian Authority. We will see a (Sycomoro) fig tree that commemorates the passage of Zaqueu tax collector, we continue to the Mount of Temptation for view .

We continue to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, 400 meters below sea level. It is called the Dead Sea because its salinity prevents the existence of any life form in the lake. This sea has attracted thousands of visitors from around the world to have the unforgettable experience of floating in the salt water and cover your body with a magical therapeutic mud. Its high salinity of 34% of salts makes it float and bring benefits for its Health.

Attention People with high blood pressure should not enter

We continue to Jerusalem road. Sleeping in Jerusalem

Day 5: Jerusalem

We begin our tour with the panoramic view of the city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

We will go down the path that Jesus Christ made when he entered Jerusalem as a vitorious stopping at the Doninus Flevit where he wept when he saw Jerusalem, we followed the Gardens of Getshemani where Jeus Christ sweats blood on the day of his betrayal here are the oldest olive trees of Holy Land, visit the Grotto site of the betrayal of Jesus Christ, tomb of Mary, Valley of the Cedars, the tomb of Absalon and follow Mount Zion to see the tomb of legendary King David, the Last Supper room and the Nudity from the Abbey of Mary, where Maria went up to heaven. During the tour in the old city of Jerusalem, visit the Jewish quarter, the Wailing Wall, Cardo, the Roman road, the Christian Armenian quarter, the Arab quarter. We walk along the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Day 6: Belem / Ein Karen / Holocaust

We will visit Yad Vashem, the memorial of the Holocaust.

We continue to Ein Karen site of the birth of St. John the Baptist, Visit to the Church of the Visitation. We continue our way to Bethlehem.

The tour is subject to the regulations of the Palestinian Authority border crossing, likely a change of vehicle upon entering Belem. In the territory of the Palestinian Authority passports are required.

After passing the border, we will visit the Church of the Nativity, the Plaza de los Pesebres, the Grotto of San Jerónimo, the Church of Santa Catarina, and the Campo de los Pastores.

Visit to a local cooperative for souvenir shopping. Return to your hotel.

Day 7

Pick up at your hotel 4 hours before the flight. Transfer back to the airport of Bien Gurion with the assistance of our staff.

Recommended for this tour: comfortable walking shoes, hats, sunscreen. Modest dress and a handkerchief to cover the head in some specific sacred places, which will be warned.

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